[Sponsored Post] Smart Car Make Pretty Murals

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10/27/2010 11:52 AM |

God bless America, for the earth’s favorite machine, smart car, is no longer confined to cobblestone roads in Europe or within the fine constraints of a romantic comedy starring Ashton Kutcher. They’ve been popping up all over the states recently, and these slickly designed vehicles are on their way to taking over the BQE, not in a Decepticon way, paving the road (PUN INTENDED) to a future with cleaner energy and less crowding.

The socially responsible coches are also fodder for some great eye candy. Car manufacturer smart has teamed up with six NYC magazines to construct six giant murals in SoHo and Brooklyn on display throughout September and October. Artists were asked to paint their vision of the future, depicting the world that will be when smart cars rule the planet (again, not in a Decepticon way).

Though all the artists are pretty awesome (who doesn’t have a crush on Kenzo Minami and his Williamburg as a graphic novel mural on Bedford and N 6th?), the video above shows that they were chosen for their bright-eyed optimism that is so apparent in each of their works. Another favorite of ours is Zink designers Stephanie Seliskar and Soo Cha. It takes some serious girl power to put up a huge woman in the middle of SoHo and have her look as high fashion as the one on the side of the building next to her.

The murals are up through October. If you haven’t already watched the videos of these hunky artists waxing poetic about the way they see the future of our great town, check it out now, and then go treat yourself to some free, awe inspiring eye candy.