Strange: North Highlands Have a Sweater Named After Them

10/15/2010 11:09 AM |


L Mag favorites North Highlands have been picking up steam here in the city of late, with a high-profile slot opening for Ra Ra Riot a few weeks back, and lots of love from the Stereogums and Pitchforks of the world. But now things are just getting weird: The folks at online clothing retailer were so taken by the band that they’ve named a sweater after them. The North Highlands Sweater (pictured) costs $70 and, assuming you are a woman, is perhaps the perfect garment to wear while listening to their gently swaying, pastoral indie-folk. Not sure how I feel about the fact that ModCloth described the band as “indie-lightful,” but fine, I suppose they are. I reached out to Brenda Malvini (vocals, piano) to see how the whole thing went down.

How did it come about? Did you have any say in what product got your name attached to it?
We did an interview with Julie from modcloth a while back, and she recently had an idea to name either a dress or a “grandpa” sweater after us. I thought a dress would be awesome but kind of cruel to the guys, and since winter is coming we went with this red number. I trust that it’s really soft and warm, ’cause it would suck to have an itchy sweater named after us.

Do you get free sweaters?
I get a free sweater, but I’m willing to see who it looks best on and fight them for it. Daniel (mandolin, guitar) tends to wear his girlfriend’s jeans, just saying.

If you get the chance to have another official North Highlands clothing item, what would it be?
Pajamas would be epic but only if each memeber of the band gets some.