Tarnished Park Slope Coffee Spot Seeks to Improve Image By Suing NY Times

10/27/2010 2:19 PM |


  • The Great Barista Strike of Last April.

So, last April the baristas at Park Slope coffee snob hangout Gorilla quit en masse, citing the hostile work environment created there by one of the owners. The Times reported the story and reprinted the final letter of resignation, which claimed, among other things:

These [workplace] issues which have repeatedly been brushed aside and ignored have created a perpetually malicious, hostile, and demeaning work environment that was not only unhealthy, but also, as our actions have clearly shown, unworkable.

Obviously, this kind of press is bad for any business, particularly in the (admirably) squishy Park Slope, where most would likely sympathize with labor (as I do). Those sympathies are being confirmed for a lot of people today as they learn that the owners of Gorilla, Darleen Scherer and Carol McLaughlin, are suing(!) the New York Times for defamation as they’ve been subjected to “shame, emotional distress, embarrassment and… contempt and ridicule.”

If there’s one way to alleviate emotional distress, it’s a very public lawsuit with very little chance of winning.

(Side note: the hell? Google image-search “baristas” and you get girls in bikini tops. Stupid internet.)

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