That Dopey Singer From Kings of Leon Hates Hipsters and Indie Rock, Appeared on Iron Chef America

10/19/2010 1:42 PM |

When you woke up this morning, you were probably like, “Man, I am just cold running out of reasons to laugh at/despise Kings of Leon,” right? Well, you’re in luck. First of all, he was on an episode of Iron Chef America, which, actually… fine, I would totally go on Iron Chef America if they’d ask me. But also, in an interview with Rolling Stone, singer Caleb Followill said:

“I hate fucking hipsters. Everyone talks about indie this and indie that, but would you really want to be one of those indie bands that makes two albums and disappears? That’s just sad. When we signed on with our manager, we all said we wanted to have a box-set career. We’ll gladly be the next generation of bands that aren’t going anywhere.”

You know who else has a box set? Sublime has a box set. They ain’t all they’re cracked up to be. [via Prefix]

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  • Yes, Caleb Followill, I would rather be Jellyfish than Nickelback. What a douche nozzle. Perfect for Clear Channel radio.

  • i mean…it’s really not that douchey of a statement. its pretty literal and is actually fine. people can want to be remembered, they can strive for goals. it’s actually okay.