The Bands Playing Our CMJ Party Tell Us Which Bands They’re Most Excited to See This Week

10/20/2010 2:49 PM |


When it comes to the hundreds of bands playing CMJ, everyone here at L Mag HQ is most excited to see Sisters, Darlings, Family Trees, Andrew Cedermark, Luke Rathborne and Slow Animal. Obviously. But who are Sisters, Darlings, Family Trees, Andrew, Luke and the Slow Animal dudes most looking forward to seeing this week? Well, we asked them.

Despite sounding like an Elliott Smith-meets-John Lennon wonder boy, Luke Rathborne has a thing for borderline hardcore rappers. The same goes for hard-partying aging actors: “I am most excited to see GZA at CMJ, as I go wherever I feel Bill Murray is most likely to go during events like these,” he told us. Smart guy, that Luke.

Meanwhile, Matt of Darlings, who, according to Los Campesinos!, looks likes Dean Spunt while manning the drums for the slacker-pop outfit (the two bands played a show together this Saturday, and it’s true, he really does), admits that he’s too lazy to pick up his badge, but still: “I want to see Dean Wareham play Galaxie 500 songs at Bowery Ballroom (Friday).” On second thought: “Honestly, I probably won’t go to any shows that we’re not playing—it’s too overwhelming. I really love Galaxie 500 though.” Fair. Galaxie 500 is really good.

Meanwhile, Darlings bassist Joe Tirabassi is fabricating rumors that Bruce Springsteen is playing secret shows — to quote, “I heard he’s playing Born to Run front to back at Fat Baby, then shooting over to the Shank to play Darkness on the Edge of Town at 3am on Saturday. And he’s doing an acoustic set on the roof of Don Pedro Friday evening, mostly stuff from Nebraska — which leads us to believes this kid is super psyched about the new Springsteen documentary that screens as part of the CMJ film festival tonight. Maybe?

In conclusion, go circle GZA and Dean Wareham on your schedules, and be sure to check back here for more later… before we see you at Live at the Pyramids on Saturday.