The L and New York City Opera Bring You Act 4

10/28/2010 4:49 PM |

Act 4 is so much better than an expensive sandwich.

  • Act 4 is so better than an expensive sandwich.

The L Magazine and New York City Opera have joined forces and livers to bring you Act 4, a fourth ring cocktail bar and lounge serving signature libations at a discount and featuring special guest performances for free (with the price of opera admission, which is pretty cheap as it is). Each event of the series will reflect the themes and sounds of the opera that precedes it, keeping the night going for opera-goers who want to keep the party going after the fat lady sings.

Next week on November 4th, You Tube crushes of the Blue Ribbon Glee Club will be kicking off the first event of the Act 4 series. Their performance will follow The New York City Opera’s production of A Quiet Place, the musical drama that has it all: lovers, haters, and a dead person’s diary. And it’s all sung by people with world-renowned, like, award-winning, glass-shattering voices.

Tickets are as low as $12. That’s the same price as two beers or three falafels, or one overpriced sandwich. Yes, twelve dollars/dollar coins can get you (and perhaps a very impressed date) a night of amazing vocals and cheap booze. So go, have a cheap drink, check in on 4sq, and pat yourself on the back for all the culture you have accrued. Plus, if you’re accompanied by a potential romantic interest, you’ve officially taken that person on the most impressive date they’ll ever go on. And that really is way better than a sandwich.