The People in Your Neighborhood: Singer-Songwriter Sharon Van Etten

10/08/2010 4:32 PM |


We’re back again with our new recurring feature, The People in Your Neighborhood, where we talk with notable local figures about their favorite people and places in the neighborhood they call home, the idea being that it just might be the exact same neighborhood you call home, and you might realize that you’ve both been using the same laundromat this whole time.

Today, repping for Williamsburg, is smoky voiced singer-songwriter Sharon Van Etten, whose new album Epic is as commanding as it is utterly heartbreaking, much in the same way as Chan Marshall‘s early work. Tonight, she’ll be celebrating its release with a show at The Rock Shop and on Saturday joining pal Kyp Malone at Mercury Lounge. You would be wise to check her out.


Best place to people watch?
McCarren Park, summertime

Best place to drink?
The Commodore

Best restaurant?

Best bookstore or record store?
Spoonbill, Soundfix

Best grocery store/farmers’ market?

Best laundromat?
Metro Community Laundormat

Best outdoor spot?

Best place to attend a show/view a piece of art/see a movie?

Best coffee shop?

Best subway line?

Best date spot?

Best person whose name you don’t know?
The guy in the red Subaru that blasts oldies music and sings along

According to neighborhood folklore, are there any celebrities living in the area?
Everywhere. All the time.

Which are there more of: dogs, bodega cats, strollers, American Apparel ads, or old men on stoops?
dog walkers

What’s missing from your neighborhood?
indie theatre

What’s been the biggest change since you’ve moved in?

It’s a Saturday night in October. You don’t feel like traveling very far but are antsy for a night out. Where do you go?
waterfront park