The Top Six Tweets From Matador 21

10/04/2010 3:32 PM |


For a population humiliated in high school because they wouldn’t shut up about some band called Yo La Tengo that no one cared about, Matador‘s coming-of-age birthday party partay in Vegas ascended to life-pinnacle status for many. The classic 1993-1996 lineup of Guided by Voices played a set of 7000 songs or something crazy. Ted Leo closed his show with a cover of Nick Lowe’s “I Love My Label.” Later he joined Liz Phair for a cameo in “Fuck and Run.” Belle & Sebastian, Cat Power, Sonic Youth, The New Pornographers and Superchunk played too. Bob Nastanovich got really drunk. People tweeted accordingly. Let’s take a look:







I assume that was a reference to Belle & Sebastian, yes?

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  • nope, that’s a reference to Yo La Tengo! They did a choreographed dance number. Best set of the weekend, IMO. I had the chills, the tears, the whole deal. Also Ted Leo did a version “Fuck and Run” on Friday that just tore at your heart, it was so powerful. This was at the Fucked Up / Ted Leo late show. also that show Fucked Up doing Nirvana’s “Breed”, can you even imagine the scene?