Tony Wilson’s Slick Headstone Was Surprisingly Not Directed by Anton Corbijn

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10/28/2010 11:03 AM |

You may have already seen this, on the internet, but it’s the three-years-in-the-making headstone for son-of-Manchester Tony Wilson, founder of Factory Records and the Hacienda Club, discoverer of Joy Division and loser of money on the “Blue Monday” single:


I want my headstone to describe me as a “cultural catalyst” almost as much as I want my obituary to describe me as a “vigorous heterosexual.”

But what’s the quote used as his epitaph say? Well…

It’s from the 1876 novel The Manchester Man, by G Linnaeus Banks, and it reads:

Mutability is the epitaph of worlds
Change alone is changeless
People drop out of the history of a life as of a land
though their work or their influence remains

But wait… that sounds pretty familiar, doesn’t it? Where have I heard someone else’s musings on mutability applied to the life of Tony Wilson?

Right, right. Now, spin the wheel.