Will Houston Overtake Brooklyn as Nation’s Fourth Largest City?

10/08/2010 4:07 PM |

welcome to brooklyn

Hey, remember how Brooklyn is the fourth largest city in the United States of America? Yeah, we’re really big up in this thing. (Did you also know that the reason Manhattan joined with Brooklyn back in 1898 was out of the fear of being surpassed by Chicago? Yup, conurbation as ego-boosting dick swing.)

Well, our prized status as fourth largest (seriously, who even cares about this besides Marty Markowitz?) is now under threat from Houston, which is just a great blob of suburban sprawl spreading across southeast Texas like a grenadine spill in aisle seven. Oh no! If current demographic trends continue, Houston will be bigger than us by 2030, at which time most of us will be dead from floods and trend pieces gone wrong.

P.S. Dear Houston: You know, even if you get bigger than Brooklyn, Brooklyn is still a part of New York, WHICH IS THE BIGGEST. So stuff it.