An Ode to Wolf Parade, Before They Leave on “Indefinite Hiatus”

11/30/2010 2:22 PM |

Cold chilling, like theyll be after they go on hiatus

  • Cold chilling, like they’ll be after they go on hiatus

Word came yesterday that one of Montreal’s finest indie-rock megabands — not that one, the other one — will take a break for an undetermined length of time after they play a few last gigs in early 2011. While this presumably means more outputs from co-leaders Spencer Krug and Dan Boeckner’s side projects, Sunset Rubdown and Handsome Furs, this still hurts. I’m hurting. I fear the worse: that since 2005’s universally praised Apologies to the Queen Mary, Wolf Parade has generally gone under-appreciated by the masses, and the band will eventually stop caring. They’ll lose each other’s addresses and grow their hair long (it’s already happening!) and will never again join together to record another album reminding us that rock music can be both off-kilter and full throttle. To cope, let’s watch a few of their career highlights in chronological order, yes? Yes.

Back when they were a ragtag little band, playing “I’ll Believe in Anything” at CMJ.

People from Ohio (ahem) are just crazy for Wolf Parade. And cute cats. And comfortable pants.

Underrated, yet again


Their latest high point, from this year’s Expo 86

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  • Holy shit that Yulia video is really stunning. It’s like a little movie. It sucks they broke up. They are so much better than boring Arcade Fire.