And Here’s David Lynch’s Debut Chilwave Single

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11/30/2010 11:06 AM |


I prefer his earlier collaborations with Angelo Badalamenti (a bit of which you can see here beginning at about 5:30), frankly, but “Good Day Today,” which David Lynch has just dropped, apparently, is at least a passable iteration of recent trends in rudimentary retro synthpop-textures given a mellow effects wash-over. And his usual sense of cryptic lyrical yearning is evident in the lyrics. Did he auto-tune his vocals, or just sing them backwards and rewind them? Be sure to listen at least up until the “Paper Planes” part at 2:03.

I swear to Jesus H. Christ in a glass box on Wyckoff Street that this is a real thing, and not just content reverse-engineered by the will of SEO algorithms made animate.

Good Day Today by threeminutesthirtyseconds