Bowery’s Tag Tribute Mural Turned into Massive Dash Snow Homage

11/24/2010 1:43 PM |

Kathy Grayson The Hole Wall Barry McGee

It’s still referred to by most as the “Deitch Wall,” but it’s more accurate at this point to call the public mural at Bowery and Houston “The Hole Wall.” With the departure of Jeffrey Deitch and the closing of his gallery, Deitch Projects, programming of the mural has been passed on to his quasi-successor, former DP director and founder of The Hole Kathy Grayson. That’s her in the Martha Cooper photo above at left, photographing the mystery tagger who spent yesterday morning covering Barry McGee‘s recent mural, a red catalog of famous NYC tags, with a giant black-on-silver SACE in tribute to Dash Snow.

SACE mural at Bowery and HOuston

The mysterious tagger in covert ops black and, later, an all-white onesie, used a modified fire extinguisher to cover most of the mural in shining silver and then to apply Snow’s trademark tag in black. The whole thing happened yesterday, beginning before dusk and continuing through most of the morning. At the end of her blog post with photos of the new mural, Grayson notes: “Up for one day only go check it out before we extinguish it for the winter mural coming next week!” Hmm…

SACE mural at Bowery and HOuston

(photos via Martha Cooper, Kathy Grayson)

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