Brooklyn’s Filthiest Restaurants

11/16/2010 2:15 PM |

North Brooklyns Dirtiest

  • North Brooklyn’s Dirtiest

Two months ago, we peeked at The Department of Health’s website—which includes a database with the number of violation points incurred by restaurants across the city—and told you which eatery in Brooklyn was the borough’s dirtiest. Well, since health department grades are ever-changing, and since the number of places graded is ever-expanding, why wouldn’t we make this a recurring feature!?!

Back in September, Brooklyn’s filthiest restaurant was the Utuadeno Club on Flushing Avenue, with its 90 violation points—what, back then, seemed astounding. Well, how quaint! Four restaurants have since overtaken that modest score of 90. Topping the list?

Village Gyro Grill (1000 Coney Island Ave.), on the Midwood-Kensington border, whose October 21st inspection yielded a jaw-dropping 140 violation points! Who else joined the 100 club?

Los Caudillos (3712 13th Ave.), near Kensington as you’re leaving Borough Park, earned an impressive 112 points in a June inspection (not listed back when we checked in September?), while Paradise Venus (670 Rogers Ave.) in Prospect Lefferts-Gardens got an even 100 violation points after a late September inspection.

In the top 10, three are fried chicken establishments, and two of them are Crown Fried Chickens.

In Williamsburg, the most points were earned by Lee Cafe (45 Lee Ave.) on the south side, which at least follows one set of cleanliness rules by keeping kosher. Props to Wild Ginger and Sabor Latino for scoring perfect zeroes on recent inspections.

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  • “Filth”! at too-cool-for-school (or decent sanitation, apparently,) La Superior, which i’ve been warning people about for ages (it smells bad, like, all the time):

    Violation points: 37

    Violations were cited in the following area(s).

    Sanitary Violations
    1) Hot food item not held at or above 140

  • when i see a place that says “Grade Pending”, already it’s a bad sign. They didn’t pass their first inspection. You get an A when you pass your first inspection (less than 13 violations i hear). If you don’t pass, you are given a chance, they give you a “grade pending” and when the inspectors come again, you get your grade…
    In Fort Greene i have seen the following:
    Kif, Madiba, Bittersweet and A Bistro all got A’s on their first inspection. Sushi D got a B…
    Surprising for a busy place, but The General Greene got a grade pending. Ouch…
    Waiting to see who’s next on Dekalb…