Calling All Musically Inclined Teenage Girls with Brown Hair: SUPERCUTE! Is Looking for a New Band Member

11/17/2010 1:22 PM |

The one on the right could be you

  • The one on the right could be you

A recent analysis of The L‘s readership reported that we have a surprisingly large following among 18-year-old females who probably just confused us with ELLE magazine. Either way, girls rule, boys drool, here’s one for the ladies: June Lei, keyboardist/vocalist/ukulelist of Kate Nash-approved teenage twee trio SUPERCUTE!, has opted to leave the band to focus on her high school studies, leaving the spot open to YOU, dear reader. That is, assuming you have a ton of free time, travel well, own a plethora of colored tights, and are down with kitschy pop music. Requirements to audition, via a press release from SUPERCUTE! handlers, after the jump:

you need to be

* female (effeminance doesn’t count, Mr. Bloomberg!)
* under 18 and above 13… ish
* have good taste in music (that means hide your Hilary Duff box set!)
* have some natural musical talent (singing or playing an instrument but you don’t have to be a virtuoso)
* live in NYC
* be available for gigs, touring, etc., and have parents who understand the importance of art and music
* be named after a month [kidding] [maybe]

PREFERABLY HOMESCHOOLED AND BRUNETTE WITH BROWN EYES, although these things aren’t dealbreakers.

Hear that, brown-haired, brown-eyed, skillful-but-not-musical-teenage-prodigies who are homeschooled and whose parents are cool: Hide your Hilary Duff box set! (And e-mail SUPERCUTE! at for more details.)