Come see Active Child at Act 4 this Thursday

11/15/2010 10:58 AM |

[image-1] You may remember from two weeks ago that we are hosting a new string of concert events called Act 4; an official and officially awesome after party for The New York City Opera. With the price of opera admission, culture mongers get free booze, more great music, and the possibility of true love. You can’t put a price on true love, and that’s why this event is free.

This Thursday is the second Act 4 installment, and the last one until the spring. The LA-based phenom of Active Child will perform following the Strauss opera Intermezzo, a great little diddy about the writer’s crazy ass wife, featuring lots of drama and soprano arias.

Tickets are as low as $12. Booze, after the show, is as high as $0. Active Child’s amazing set will also be $0. If you need to borrow $0, we can spot you. If you have any concerns (socially), friend Act 4 on facebook or follow on twitter. See you there!