Come to New York City Opera’s A Quiet Place, Stay for Act 4

11/02/2010 3:03 PM |

Oh, my, so much affordable culture in one evening. I feel like Im stealing.

  • “Oh, my, so much affordable culture in one evening. I feel like I’m stealing.”

As we mentioned last week, someone, somewhere, in that big awesome Lincoln Center in the sky, realized the impressive amount of culture we here at The L have and let us plan a series of after-party concerts and shows for The New York City Opera. We gathered up our best acts and cheapest booze to bring you Act 4, a fourth ring cocktail bar and lounge serving signature libations at a discount and featuring special guest performances for free (with the price of opera admission, which is pretty cheap as it is).

This Thursday is the first Act 4 installment of the season, and we, bearers of culture, are pumped. Our after-party will take place after the haunting Leonard Bernstein play A Quiet Place and will feature a performance from indie show choir darlings The Blue Ribbon Glee Club. There will also be drink specials throughout the night.

Tickets are as low as $12. Not thirteen, not thirty, but twelve measly dollars can you get and a lady or man friend tickets for the coolest date you’ll ever go on. So put on your fur, dust off the monocle and let us show you how culture is done.