New Signs to Point Befuddled Tourists Hither and Yon ‘Cross Downtown Brooklyn

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11/17/2010 2:04 PM |


The Post reports that Downtown Brooklyn’s MetroTech Business Improvement District has begun to place map kiosks and signs in the neighborhood, beginning with two near Borough Hall, part of a $1.4 million initiative which will eventually result in the erection of 33 signs and 45 kiosks containing “maps, locations of key destinations like the Brooklyn Bridge, cultural anecdotes and subway locations.” The 78 planned locations, will span Fort Greene to DUMBO, and are presumably designed to help tourists walk from the Brooklyn Bridge to Grimaldi’s.

It’s fascinating, of course, to see what parts of our lives we’re presenting to interested outsiders; for now, we can only imagine what the other key locations will be, but I think I have a pretty good idea of the cultural anecdotes.

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