Pre-Order Radiohead’s “2 Minute Silence” Single, Wish They’d Released it as a 7″ Instead of Just a Stupid MP3

11/04/2010 2:12 PM |


On Monday, in association with UK charity group the British Royal Legion, Radiohead will release “2 MInute Silence,” a two-minute long silent track meant as a tribute to British soldiers past and present. This is a fine idea, and even with its low £1 price tag, it seems likely that it will raise an awful lot of money, so kudos to the band for putting it together. In fact, aside from properly hyphenating “2 Minute,” the only thing they could have done to make it cooler would have been to release it as an actual 7″ single instead of just a silent MP3. Even I’d have coughed up a few bucks for that, because my hatred of Radiohead is eclipsed by my love of blank pieces of vinyl. Oh well, go spend 1.62746 USD for a good cause.