Pretty Lady Dumps Hipster Brooklynite Moviemaker (Weisz, Aronofsky Split)

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11/09/2010 12:33 PM |

Rachel Weisz, no longer constipated in her fucking soul.

  • Rachel Weisz, no longer constipated in her fucking soul.

Normally, Jonny is on the “classy British actresses finally splitting with their bloated hack auteur husbands” beat, but finders keepers: The Hollywood Reporter is, um, reporting that Rachel Weisz and Darren Aronofsky are divorcing after nine years of inexplicable union.

According to unnamed sources, the papers cite “bludgeoning cut-rate Kubrick look-at-me film-school savant technique and fatuous opportunistically ‘extreme’ subject matter” as the grounds for divorce.

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  • Really? Are we holding Requiem for a Dream grudges to the degree that The Fountain and The Wrestler can be categorized as “opportunistically ‘extreme’ subject matter”? Time travel and wrestlers?

  • However: points for Brothers Bloom references in that caption.

  • You’re going to have to eat your words when the Aronofsky-helmed Wolverine 2 comes out. “Eat your words” is something you say to someone when they are proved totally right, right? Sayings.

  • ASS TO ASS, Jesse. Never Forget. Bald eagle shedding a single tear.

  • Nobutseriously, my issues with Requiem for a Dream are no doubt somewhat related to my having been an undergraduate during the early to mid aughts, which really puts a person off of a certain slice of the New Cult Canon (it took me a long-ass time to come around on Fincher, for reasons related less to Fight Club than people my age who really, really like Fight Club).

    Haven’t seen The Fountain, but I pretty much liked The Wrestler (and think that Pi is kinda cute in its earnest grindcore pretentiousness) (and am looking forward to Black Swan for the anticipated similar histrionic miscalculations), though even the Rourke Show is not entirely bereft of Aronofsky’s mix of virtuosity and viscerality, which has always felt to me to be cult-courting and more than a little self-impressed.

  • Yeah, Fight Club came out while I was in college, and it took me awhile for the opposite: to realize that there are a bunch of tools my age who really, really like Fight Club (also the opposite of how, in the nerdy bubble of my friends who all, like me, thought A.I. was awesome, it took me a few months to figure out that wow, some people really hate the living shit out of that movie).

    But anyway, The Fountain is really good! Even though it is, like all of Aronofsky’s movies before The Wrestler, 95% humorless.