Read the Keynote Speech from the Annual 1111 Grand Meeting of The Corduroy Appreciation Club

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11/12/2010 2:03 PM |


Every year on 11/11, the date which most resembles corduroy, the Corduroy Appreciation Club gathers for its annual meeting (some years ago, Ben McGrath attended the first meeting and wrote perhaps the quintessential Talk of the Town piece on it). So last night, lovers of corduroy convened in midtown for their annual Grand Meeting (“TWO corduroy items must be worn”).

The keynote speech was delivered by public radio‘s Jesse Thorn, also of Put This On (“a web series about dressing like a grown-up”). In it, he discussed the pleasures of the world’s greatest fabric (“As you slip your arm into the sleeve of a tattered old blazer, are you calmed? Ready to get on with the work of the mind?” Yes! Yes!), and the menace of velvet:

An artisinal butcher in Williamsburg opens his own shop. He’s doing well, selling salt-cured bacon and filet of avocado. Then one night, surfing Etsy, he spots a pair of gloves. “Those look nice,” he thinks, “and soft, as well.” He imagines how much more comfortable he’ll be without his metal gloves. When they arrive, he is comfortable. For months, he’s happy. Until one day he slips into a moment of reverie while chopping sun-dried tomatoes for an asiago sausage. No one wants to buy meat from a butcher with seven fingers.

The full speech is here.