Screw Your Dumb Parking Complaints, Bring on the Brooklyn Pop-Up Cafes!

11/18/2010 12:06 PM |

sidewalk cafes

  • At the corner of South 2nd and Bedford, next summer.

There’s nothing I hate more in this city than people who complain about parking.* Particularly when it’s in opposition to quality-of-life improvements, like bike lanes… or STREETSIDE POP-UP CAFES! (Look, if you want good parking move to the fucking suburbs, buy a house with a carport and enjoy your hours meandering around the Sears parking lot.)

So I sure hope that grumpy car jerks won’t end up scuppering the city’s plan to push its Pop-Up Cafe pilot program onto the streets of Brooklyn next summer. Beginning last year in Lower Manhattan, with two restaurants on Pearl Street, the pop-up cafes are basically wooden platforms installed level with the curb, creating a table-friendly extra-wide sidewalk buffered from the street by wooden planters. You know, just like Europe. In anticipation of space/parking complaints (booo!), individual community boards will have to approve any given pop-ups planned for their neighborhoods.

(And insofar as there’s very little I enjoy more than sitting outside on a beautiful day with a beer, watching attractive Brooklynites walk down the street, may I submit to CB1 my wholehearted endorsement of non-stop pop-ups on Bedford Avenue. I will gladly sacrifice my ease of parking for an afternoon al fresco.)

*My wife and I have a car in Brooklyn, and we park it on the street, and we have to move it every few days—that’s life if you want to have a car in the city.

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