So, I Finally Figured Out What the Silver Sound Music Video Film Festival Is

11/09/2010 2:52 PM |


There’s an interesting event taking place at Brooklyn Bowl tonight, where the worlds of live music and the music video will come together through a couple of competitions. The Silver Sound Music Video Film Festival has been off and on my radar quite a bit over the past year or so, and the truth is I’ve never really stopped to figure out what it’s all about, but now I think I’ve got it.

There are actually two separate contests going on at once: First, there’s the Band Battle portion, in which seven bands from around the country (chosen, it seems, by Silver Sound and their sponsors) compete against each other, I gather in much the same format as all the Battle of the Bands you went to when you were 15. The second part is the actual Music Video competition, where 20 videos (also chosen by Silver Sound and their sponsors) are shown, and a winner is finally chosen.

Now, here’s what happens next. The band that wins the Band Battle gets the chance to have a music video directed by the director of whatever video wins the music video contest. What makes this particularly appealing, I guess, is that the video will be produced by Silver Sound, and shot on a super fancy camera by an award-winning Director of Photography named Doug Emmett, who I think I would maybe know if I knew anything about award-winning Directors of Photography.

This isn’t generally the type of thing we pay a lot of attention to around here, but some bands we like a good deal are or have been involved. Dinosaur Feathers won the Band Battle last year (here are the videos they had produced; don’t ask me why they got two), and they’re playing tonight, too. Plus, this year’s batch of video finalists includes work by North Highlands, Savoir Adore, Surfer Blood and Karl Blau.

I’m gonna go ahead and pick winners now, because why the fuck not? Adam Newport-Berra, who directed North Highlands’ beautiful, summery clip for the beautiful, summery “Sugar Lips” as well Savoir Adore’s very good “The Scientific Findings of Dr. Rousseau,” will come out on top, and thereby be given the opportunity to direct a video for Brooklyn-based folksy duo Lucius, who are my current pick to win the Band Battle, based mostly on how darn pretty this one song is.

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