Spider-Man Takes Break from Broadway Rehearsals for Times Square PSA

11/08/2010 12:57 PM |

Spider-Man in Times Square

With all his free time following the most recent round of delays to the beginning of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark performances on Broadway, the webbed one took some time to hold a press conference just outside his theater in Times Square to warn the people of New York about a grave and immediate danger to the city…

Used up batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Almost as dangerous as Venom or the Green Goblin, if the batteries in your fire detection appliances are out of juice you’re at a huge risk in the event of a fire or leak, so Spidey joined the FDNY and their fire prevention puppy mascot Hot Dog (Smokey Bear‘s cosmopolitan cousin) for a public service announcement in Times Square. Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man can only be rescuing New Yorkers from fire-engulfed buildings in one neighborhood at a time, and he’s gonna be stuck in Midtown for the next 10 years making back those producers’ millions, so you’re on your own; check those batteries. (io9)