Teachers Apply for Cathie Black’s Old Job

11/30/2010 3:09 PM |

Can anyone account for her whereabouts the night Batmans parents were killed?

  • Can anyone account for her whereabouts the night Batman’s parents were killed?

Several educators have applied for the chairperson of the board gig at Hearst Publications—the job opened up by Cathie Black, whom Bloomberg recently tapped to lead the city’s schools, despite her lack of education experience. The stunt was organized by the Green Party. “I feel confident that Hearst Publications will grant a waiver and accept my application,” former-lieutenant governor candidate Gloria Mattera said in a press release. “To help get me up to speed, I have already gone to the library and checked out several books on how to publish a magazine.”

It’s all very funny, but this is of course a very serious matter.

Retired teacher and Green Party enrollee Elizabeth Shanklin puts it in perspective. “Hiring Cathie Black is part of an agenda to destroy the public schools,” she said in that press release. “Cathie Black’s business qualifications and lack of educational qualifications make sense. She doesn’t need educational qualifications because her agenda is to end public schools, make them into a private business. Mayoral control of the public school system continues to treat the education of our children as a business plan.” And Black is less Superwoman than Lex Lutherette.