The Most Sensible Thing I’ve Seen on Twitter Today: A Call for a Lilys Reunion

11/08/2010 3:51 PM |


This tweet came just a short while ago, from music writer Eric Harvey. For those of you who might not know just what the fuck he’s talking about, Kurt Heasley was the leader of a band called The Lilys, who were active throughout all of the 90s and the first half of the last decade. Heasley is something of an enigmatic figure in indie-rock circles—he’s an expert shapeshifter, having drastically changed his sound countless times throughout his career, from shoegazey My Bloody Valentine stuff to psych-rock to stylish, Kinks-style pop. Whatever he’s done, he’s done extremely well, and we’d all be better off is he was out there doing more of it right now. After the jump, proof.