Trash Bar Denied Renewal of Its Liquor License?

11/12/2010 1:09 PM |


It looks like more tough times for NYC club owners. According to this report on a Community Board 1 meeting from earlier this week, long-running Williamsburg venue Trash Bar has been denied renewal of its liquor license. The reason given? Noise complaints. Here’s the relevant, and admittedly hard to follow, section:

Liquor license renewals. Approved. Done. Liquor licenses new. Motion to approve? In favor? Approved. Carried.

Not approved, 256 Grand Street renewal for the Trash Bar, because of noise complaints. The motion carries. Trash Bar has some problems.

We reached out to the venue for comment, so we’ll post more information as we get it.

UPDATE: A spokesperson for Trash Bar gotten back to us, saying everything’s actually totally fine. Upon seeing the post we referenced, he said, “Interesting. I’d not heard. The language seems a tad cryptic and might be plainly inaccurate but regardless, rest assured I have both bar licenses in hand and good condition.”