What Happens to Tornado-Felled Trees?

11/10/2010 1:10 PM |

Youve got a date with the wood chipper, buddy.

  • You’ve got a date with the wood chipper, buddy.

The most conspicuous victims of September‘s tornado were all of those broken and knocked down trees. Recovery crews worked into the night, chopping them up and carting them away. But, to where?

To Greenpoint! Waste Management operates a facility that recycles wood underneath the Kosciuszko Bridge, across the water from Maspeth. Greenline, a local paper without a web presence, reports that the plant might process 100 or 200 tons of wood in a week. But, a few days following the tornado, it was getting 5 or 10 times that! WM turns the felled branches and trunks into mulch, some of which is used by the Parks Department, the rest of which is sold at stores. Tornadoes make our gardens grow! Our horribly destroyed, post-tornado gardens.