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If, as I discussed with the editors of Ships That Pass a couple of weeks ago, the Missed Connections section of craigslist touches something really basic about the pathos and humor of fantasy, then the Missed Connections posted in the wake of Halloween are the form’s highest expression: Masks! Enabled carnivalesque acting-out! Teeming crowds of strangers in close proximity! Sexy costumes!

So, below are, I believe, all the costume-related Missed Connections posted to New York Craigslist on Sunday and so far today. Enjoy (and if we bring anyone together, let us know).

character from Rocky Horror Picture Show

Domino (part of a set)

Superman (“We danced and sang Oasis and Beck together, and we played my toy guitar.”)

Sexy masquerade miscellany


Hippie chick (posted by guy in green spandex bodysuit)

Spider-Woman (“That annoying chick with the fairy wings accidentally hooked your wig”)


Beatnik (posted by Cleopatra)

Mary Poppins

Member of the Bloods (posted by guy with 19th century suit, mustache)

Girl with cobra (not sure if real or fake)

“Gauzy white flapper outfit with a proud white feather” (Bushwick, actual makeout occurred)

Sexy Nurse (“with your huge tits bursting at the seems with your lace stockings”)

Brett Favre (the poster)

Wild Thing a la Spike Jonze (G Train, natch)

Bosom Buddy (“I’ve got to admit I thought you were kinda crazy when you first started talking to me”)

Soccer player (w/ huge calves)

“Princess Peach” (“i’m so sorry, i am never that intoxicated, i’m not sure what happened”)

Kitten (“my friend bailed, I had to bail”)

Bat (“I was Oscar the Grouch. Came up to me and asked for a hug.”)

Bob Ross (posted by the cowboy who “chatted you up”)

Nikki Sixx (at Matchless)

Courtesan (“we kissed briefly!!! Wow it felt really good! I love your body too. I wish your friend wouldnt have stopped us! … I had the blue face with a sparkly cone head”)

An owl, looking for “a cute guy alone in a leather jacket”

“Lego man and glowstick girl seek polaroid” (Barcade)

Justin Bieber fan (who talked to a Luchador outside the Masonic Temple)


Hot cop

Air traffic controller (“I showed you my one killer rave move with your glow sticks but you looked so much happier when Superman cut in”)


“what I believe was an air force costume” (“I approached and said that even though its the least revealing it’s the sexiest one ive seen”)

cavalar helmet (does he mean cavalier?)

Fishnets/corset miscellany (“i am a private person and i didn’t want to share my business with the sloppy halloween drunks”)

Marilyn Monroe (posted by Vincent Vega)

Cute kittie

Sexy Asian Vampire

Here’s a guy who lost one of his furry werewolf hands

Sexy police officer

Selena as a corpse (“I didn’t want to ask for your number because I didn’t know if you were gay, but then I woke up this morning and realized that you were a Selena Corpse, and chances are you’re gay”)

Injured tightrope walker (posted by Hunter S. Thompson)

Tom Cruise in Risky Business (m4m; “We made out a bit… later on in the evening saw you talking with another guy wearing the same costume as you. You were cuter than he. I couldn’t tell if you guys had hit it off and I didn’t want to interrupt”)

Double Rainbow (posted by a Chilean miner)

Robin, the Boy Wonder (“You have a faint resemblance to Buster Posey from the SF Giants”)

Sailor/Flight attendant (or maybe a sailor, looking for a flight attendant?)

Droog (ha)

I’m not sure—fake blood? (“you made my heart beat like technical death metal blast beats i thought about offering you my hand in marriage but got cold feet and now im sitting here on craigslist missed connections because i know in my heart that you’ll be collecting the most pathetic entries to use in your next installation piece. facebook me? “) (Is “West Williamsburg” a real neighborhood?)

Coked-out Coney Island ride inspector (“begging my friend for money. I was the smart-assed victorian doll asking if $10 would really cover your sister’s co-pay. I saw you smile at me at the bar”) (Quite possibly a Ships That Pass plant)

Cedric Diggory

Audrey Hepburn

Clark Kent (posted by a “french girl,” which could be a costume or a biographical detail)

Face-peel facepaint (one of several from the 3rd Ward/Land of Ash party) (“We had a fart contest & freestyle battle in the line, I was part of the Zombie Terrance & Phillip duo with the tremendous blue Care Bear… The reason I ducked out of there so quickly…I went to the bathroom and when I came out I was handed a beer with X in it. THAT didn’t result in fun times, as whatever the MDMA was cut with spun my head rapidly into a tizzy, and quickly thereafter into a taxicab. Normally, this would result in incredible times… but whomever cut that X was a douche supremo. Anyways, you were a blast and your friends were wicked cool and I’d love to chill again (as would my friends). SO, let’s be friends…I owe you another 8 bars worth of freestyle.”)

A cat (with heterochromia) (posted by bearded IDF soldier)

“glittery, beautiful, Unicorn-man”

Captain Morgan


Pregnant nun

French maid


Venetian mask (posted by Santa Claus from the Land of Ash party) (Sorry, Santa, she’s taken)

Joaquin Phoenix

Beeker (“I was with my friend who was dressed as Ariel from the Little Mermaid”)


Bloody facepaint

Scrabble piece (posted by Mario or Luigi: “let me know what letter you were”)

-“something feline, female, festive” (at Rubulad; why does every hipster guy on craigslist have such a fey prose style?)

Little Red Riding Hood (“i was the asian guy as the gingerbread man doing a gingerbread man squeaky voice”)

Cher (Cher era not specified so let’s assume it was the “If I Could Turn Back Time” video; with a guy dressed as Steve Zissou)

The Naked Cowboy

Short black veil

-Sad-looking gnome (posted by a might-tay might-tay brick house)

Pinocchio (Chelsea; poster was in “half-mask w/ lots of glitter, neon make-up on the other side, hairspray out my ass, and some heels, of course… Mais c’est la vie, it didn’t happen”)

Jean Seberg in Breathless

-A bowtie (posted by someone in… lace)

Sexy cat (the hottest one at the party, apparently)

Man with excellent hat (rake/musketeer phylum)

Patriot Cocktail Waitress (posted by Marty McFly: “If you want I can show up with the calculator watch and the walkman”)

Dead girl (“very cute, and dead”)

Short skirt (“You were making eyes with me even tho you had a dude with you… >:) and now I [Mark] have to figure out how to get out of this parenthetical quote without compromising the emoticon, sorry for the awkwardness”)

Zombie Tin Man

Baby boy (not sure if it’s a costume or a term of endearment, but made out with a bandaged boxer)

Cleopatra (posted by the zombie who tried to bite you on the Manhattan-bound R, W platform)

Garth from Wayne’s World (a girl; “I had a good time with you. Would love to talk a bit more.”)

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  • rocking out to Oneida @ Secret Project Robot – You were wearing something white and I was the guy in the leather jacket, you offered me your stuff(awesome!) and I got you a beer, then we took slugs from your rum bottle, were you the same girl who offered to arm wrestle me at Knitting Factory? You are super cool! thank you thank you thank you!