Brooklyn Flea Expanding to Williamsburg Waterfront in Spring 2011

12/17/2010 1:03 PM |

Williamsburg waterfront Brooklyn Flea

  • Future site of the Brooklyn Flea on the Williamsburg Waterfront.

Aside from the indoor Artists & Fleas on North 6th Street and the short-lived Williamsburg Flea Market on the Southside, North Brooklyn has long been lacking the large outdoor flea market that seems such an ideal meeting place for its many boutiques, DIY crafsters, conscientious consumers of local handcraft, artisanal pickles, and so on. Come April, the Daily Intel reports, such a venue for local goods will open on an ideal plot of waterfront space between one of those new Kent Avenue condo towers and the East River: though it will remain at the Fort Greene playground on Saturdays, the Brooklyn Flea will also spend 2011’s warm month Saturdays and Sundays (“‘regular’ Flea on Sundays, experimenting with options on Saturdays,” in the words of Flea’s Eric Demby) on a patch of land between the Edge condos and the river at the east end of North 7th street. (That is, in lieu of occupying the ground floor and basement/vault of 1 Hanson Place, as it currently does on Saturdays and Sundays, which it will continue to do through March.) Great shopping, delicious food, waterfront views and, er, hideous glassy condos: it’s almost too North Brooklyn-y. (Brownstoner)