Foodies, Prepare for Battle: Edible Pursuit at the Brooklyn Brewery

12/07/2010 12:44 PM |


Are you the ultimate foodie? God I hope not, because then I would hate you. But if you do happen to know a lot about food and want to test your knowledge against other food-obsessed people, then I have the event for you. Edible Pursuit, the boozy trivia night hosted by Edible Brooklyn, kicks off this Thursday night at 7pm at the Brooklyn Brewery. I can say from personal experience that this event kicks ass. Also, bring your A-game, because these people know their stuff.

Boozy prizes from the last Edible Pursuit.

  • Boozy prizes from the last Edible Pursuit.

For $20 you get two Brooklyn Brewery beers, a meaty treat courtesy of the nice people over at The Meat Hook and some sweet food-inspired musical entertainment. Oh, and there are prizes, many of which include sweet, life-giving alcohol. This particular round o’ Edible Pursuit features some exciting new developments: music and video rounds. Welcome to the future, Brooklyn.

Also, if you’re not doing anything tonight, you might want to stop by the Brooklyn Soda Works and SCRATCHbread holiday party and fundraiser (1069 Bedford Ave, at Lexington Ave). Ten bucks at the door gets you gin cocktails featuring Brooklyn Soda Works’ lemon, thyme and green peppercorn soda, bourbon-spiced apple cider and fondue with SCRATCHbread breads and Granny Smith apples from Red Jacket Orchards. All proceeds go to SCRATCHbread’s Kickstarter campaign. Please, help bring tasty, crusty bread into this world.