Good Samaritan Cleans Williamsburg Streets, Posts Before and After Photos to Tumblr

12/07/2010 1:26 PM |

DAily Clean Tumblr Blog

  • “Day 1, South 6th and Kent, Total Time: 1.5hrs”

Some anonymous do-gooder in North Brooklyn has taken it upon themselves to take an hour of her/his day to clean a little corner of the Williamsburg streetscape. Photographic evidence of detritus disappeared is posted to the Tumblr The Daily Clean, along with pretty photos of objects encountered on these benevolent excursions—a pretty box, some bones, a Warholian tomato can, dead umbrellas. The amateur street-cleaner writes: “The idea is to take an hour or two out of your day and apply it to something useful… in hopes of inspiring others.” And it’s working: North Brooklynites are launching Tumblr blogs in record numbers! (Curbed)