Hey! Beirut Is Recording an Album to Be Released Next Year

12/03/2010 2:29 PM |


The other day, I was on a mission to find out more about Soft Landing, a side project from Beirut bassist Paul Collins that is very worth checking out, when I came across this tidbit on Puddlegum, not about Soft Landing but about Beirut, straight from the mouth of their record label, Ba Da Bing:

Indeed, the band is recording. Basically, Zach [Condon] is going back and forth between doing recording sessions in a studio with the whole band, then taking the materials back home and editing them as well as working on vocals. He wants to take the rest of the year to make sure it’s all up to snuff, so there will definitely be a Beirut record next year, but not sure when yet!

Nice! Looks like Zach finally made it back from that three-year-long European wine tasting tour that he was on (we just made that up). Anyways, figured it was worth a mention since Stereogum missed it in their otherwise very helpful/exciting list of most anticipated albums of 2011. (They forgot Handsome Furs too, though I realize not everyone loves them as much as me.) Now comes the part where I dream about Beirut playing Northside.

Also, holy crap! I just found out that the drummer in Total Slacker is Zach Condon’s little brother. Small world.