If You Go to One Reading For the Rest of the Year, Go to This One

12/17/2010 11:37 AM |


  • Backstage at an earlier Fireside Follies.

Seriously. Saturday night, Bushwick… IT’S FIRESIDE FOLLIES, Y’ALL. Ok, sure, I’ll be reading, so I have a pretty vested interest in calling this the GREATEST LITERARY EVENT OF ALL TIME, but hear me out. Not only will you enjoy watching me get so drunk I accidentally set my wig on fire, there will also be some pretty great writers there (and one cool musician): The NY Times “Frugal Traveler” himself, Matt Gross; Andy Smith, essayist extraordinaire and author of Welcome to the Land of Cannibalistic Horses (illustrated by our own Mike Force); awesome memoirist Katelan Foisy; South Philly poet Brandon Lake; and music by singer-songwriter Elizabeth Devlin.

See? It’s going to be good. I’ll buy you a drink.

Fireside Follies

At Brooklyn Fireproof, 7pm, Saturday, Dec. 18th