In Spectacular Collision of New Brooklyn Signifiers, Young Cycling Flautist Names Flute Quartet “Bike Lane”

12/20/2010 12:47 PM |

Bike Lane Flautist

Brooklyn-based flute player and cyclist Leah Paul (not pictured) launched her new woodwind quartet Bike Lane this fall with a show at Barbes, three blocks from the controversial Prospect Park West bike lane, prompting a synergistic convergence of neo-Brooklyn-ness that the Brooklyn Paper couldn’t resist. In a brief profile of the young musician and outspoken cyclist (including a daredevil photo-op of Paul biking while fluting, flouting her cycling skills), she tells the BP:

Biking is one of the things I love most about Brooklyn—I ride the new Prospect Park West bike lane every day. In fact, I was stopped by reporters once because I was wearing a short dress while biking, during that whole Hasidic debate over scantily clad women.

Writer Andy Campbell makes a point of noting how awesome Bike Lane’s music actually is (which, well, of course it is), as we’ll all be able to appreciate at the band’s next performance on February 13 at Temple Beth Emeth 83 Marlborough Rd. You’ll probably want to take the PPW bike lane to get there.