Lionel, the Madman on Your Local News

12/07/2010 2:12 PM |

The 10 o’clock news on channel 11, a.k.a. PIX, has its very own “You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?“—a nightly segment that has made a lunatic into a local minor-celebrity. His name is Lionel, and he comes off as a 13-year-old with really strong opinions about topics he overheard adults discussing—adults who got their information by reading bits of the Daily News over the shoulder of a straphanger.

Last night, he was given three minutes to screech through a stunningly nonsensical rant about how sportscasters should serve as journalistic models for the mainstream media.

If at, say a Met’s game, you dress up like Mr. Met, paint your face orange and blue, wear the huge “We’re #1” foam finger, and stand up and cheer at the wrong time, or after a loss, a true baseball fan will think you’re insane! The announcers will come and, “hey, look at that idiot! He thinks we’re winning!” But if you’re a self-styled patriot, or a Tea Partier, or a conservative, or a progressive, or a libertarian, or whatever mindless label you can think of, you could wave a flag, sing “God Bless America,” and chant, “We’re #1!” and the media and talk show hosts will think nothing of it. No one will say, “hey pal, what are you chanting about?” “I’m proud to be an American!” “Yeah, great, me too. Do you know what’s going on?” “Nope! America: love it or leave it!” “Do you know anything about WikiLeaks?” “Hell no! The news folks don’t really explain it. I think it’s treason!” Now I admit that’s kind of strange from a guy who isn’t a citizen. Any-hoo…

I hate it when the media doesn’t challenge progressives’ singing of “God Bless America”. Any-hoo, Lionel is the nom de nouvelles of Michael Lebron, a 22-year veteran of radio and television—last heard, LOL, on AirAmerica—who, before that, was (obviously) a lawyer in Florida. He blogs at, but on paper he just sounds like a mook. You really have to see him bluster to get the full extent of his madness.