NY Times Moves to Dismiss Gorilla Coffee’s Moronic Lawsuit

12/13/2010 3:49 PM |

One of my favorite Brooklyn news stories of the year (it’s always nice to see how incredibly dysfunctional other work places can be) just keeps giving. According to Eater, the New York Times has moved for a dismissal of Gorilla Coffee’s asinine defamation suit against them, claiming that “neither the state nor the federal constitution nor the law of libel allows the plaintiffs to use civil litigation to silence newspapers that publish opinions they disagree with.”

You may recall that Gorilla Coffee’s baristas walked out last April citing terrible, mean ownership, and that the Times subsequently published their full complaint. You may also recall that after G.C. brought a defamation suit, the workers (and the Times) engaged the services of legendary free speech lawyer Martin Garbus, who most likely signed off on this move to dismiss.

I almost feel sorry for Gorilla Coffee at this point. Almost.