NYC Trying to Stop Us From Binge Drinking (and It’s Not Working)

12/01/2010 10:19 AM |

binge drinking

  • I still see no reason not to have two more drinks right now.

“Stop drinking while you’re still thinking.” So admonishes NYC’s new anti-binge drinking poster campaign, which rolls out just in time for holiday boozefest 2010.

Ha. I have never, EVER, been able to do that (the point of drinking being either to have a good time, or a sad time, not a thinking time—you know “first you drink to remember then you drink to forget”?). The posters feature images of beat-up looking dudes (“Two drinks ago you would have walked away.”) and “wasted on the sidewalk” ladies (“Two drinks ago you could still get yourself home.”) Frankly, it looks to me like punchy face is kind of proud of his hijinks, and will now have a self-mythologizing story he can trot out two or three times of year that illustrates his wild and dangerous side—all for the cost of just two extra drinks!

I look forward to the inevitable fake versions of these, which will no doubt feature cautionary images of drunk-texting, pants-peeing and Shane MacGowan’s teef. GET TO WORK PEOPLE.