Second-to-Last Party at Cinders Gallery’s Havemeyer Street Space

12/23/2010 12:49 PM |

Cinders Gallery Maya Hayuk closing party

Last night awesome Williamsburg artist-run gallery and zine shop Cinders Gallery hosted a closing party for Maya Hayuk’s neon-hued, Rorschach-shaped, black light-lit exhibition Heavy Light. It wasn’t just any old closing party, though: the gallery is being forced to leave the space at 103 Havemeyer that it has called home since opening in 2004 at the end of the month due to an exorbitant rent hike. So last night was the penultimate party at one of Williamsburg’s only remaining DIY art spaces, with only December 30th’s “103 Havemeyer FUNeral” remaining (see you there!). Plans for the next space were already a hot topic last night, though.

Speaking to Cinders co-founder Sto, I asked about his and cohort Kelie Bowman‘s plans for a new space. “We’re looking at a few places,” he said, “but nothing has really jumped out at us, we haven’t found that space that we just have to take.” He continued, “We’re taking January off, though, so there’s really no rush; we can be pretty picky.”

Meanwhile a small crowd of friends had gathered under the black lights in the storefront gallery, sitting, standing and lounging on a pair of psychedelic bean bag chairs designed, I’m guessing, by Hayuk. We watched a series of short video collages by Sadie Laska, Bjorn Copeland and others, one of which in particular combined nostalgia-hued ads for toys and snack foods with mascot fail clips and fury costume fetishist videos. By the time I left, around 8:15, about twenty people were packed into the small space, with another five or six filtering through to say hi, promising to return and stay longer for the FUNeral on the 30th. Promise you’ll be there too?

Cinders Gallery Maya Hayuk closing party