Speaking of British Buzz Bands, Listen to a New Song by Noah & the Whale

12/06/2010 3:59 PM |


Noah & the Whale. Sigh. Here’s a band who undeservingly flew under the radar when their 2008 debut Peaceful, the World Lays Me Down nailed the art of happy-sounding sad songs like nobody’s business, not to mention a spot-on Wes Andersonized aesthetic. Then they put out a really sad album that was also really boring. If you recall, their follow-up, Last Night on Earth, is slated for March and now you can hear a new track called “Wild Thing” thanks to the neat-o gadget below. Here, they sound sad, but not boring. Think Lou Reed, but less gruff. Warm. Cozy. Like a cup of hot chocolate. An underrated cup of hot chocolate.

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Also, because the charm of that first album cannot go understated and you cannot watch this video enough…

Young and Lost – Noah and the Whale – 5 years time from LOVE on Vimeo.