Stalking Prospect Park’s Doomed Geese

12/28/2010 4:41 PM |

Group Poop

  • Group Poop

While walking the dog through Prospect Park on an afternoon just before Christmas, I passed the Peninsula, where several dozen geese were milling about like grade school students before the morning bell. We walked over to find out what was up, and discovered that this wasn’t their afternoon hanging-out spot—it was their post-lunch pooping grounds! Have you ever seen geese poop?

It’s as big as cat poop, sometimes white like ordinary bird feces, but sometimes a deep forest green. The field was blanketed in these turds. We ran away, but not before snapping a few photos. Anyway, now you know their mid-day hiding spot; go check ’em out! You only have so much time before the Feds gas them, or the city thins their ranks through attrition and scare tactics.