The Guilt-Ridden Rapper: Top 5 G. Dep Songs

12/28/2010 2:37 PM |

G. Dep

G. Dep, the Harlem-based rapper who released his uneven but promising major label debut Child of the Ghetto on Bad Boy in 2001 before disappearing from the scene, made headlines again earlier this month when he confessed to a shooting in 1993, not knowing that the victim had died from his injuries. Now he’s facing 25 years-to-life in jail. Too bad; he was a pretty good MC.

1. “Danger Zone”: G. Dep’s homage to his Harlem ‘hood (like the same-named Big L track) was an amazing showcase for his monotone voice and internal rhyme-filled verses.

2. “Special Delivery Remix”: Right after the excellent Ghostface verse, right before another great Keith Murray verse, and way before Craig Mack embarrasses himself, Dep spits a respiratory disease-themed verse on the remix of his lead single.

3. “Child of the Ghetto”: You’ll notice that when he reaches 1993 in this auto-biographic track, there’s nothing about an armed robbery gone wrong. Still, excellent, breathless, dramatic stuff.

4. “Blast Off”: Dep upstages his fellow Bad Boy newbies Loon and Mark Curry on this recycled track from Diddy’s Saga Continues record, which came out a few months before Child of the Ghetto.

5. “Let’s Get It”: Of course, the chorus “Ain’t no way you could take this from me” seems cruelly ironic now.