This Week in Film Polls

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12/22/2010 2:31 PM |

Indiewire’s annual film poll, which started a few years ago to pick up the alternative press’s stock-taking slack during a transition period for the Village Voice film section, now shares an overwhelming number of its voters with the reconstituted Village Voice Media poll, so it’s no surprise that both indiewire‘s voters (of which I’m one) and the VVM‘s have picked Fincher’s Sorkin’s The Social Network as the year’s best. (The usual suspects—Edgar Ramirez, Jacki Weaver, etc—are the same in the acting categories as well.)

The more interesting stuff is going on in the margins.

In the results of the VVM poll, you can click through to see which critics voted for which films and performers: as in, probably the only thing Todd McCarthy and Adam Nayman have ever had in common is that they both thought Unstoppable was the 9th best film of the year (probably for very different reasons). (I promise, there is actually a tiny subset of the population that finds this fascinating.)

And the Voice‘s year-end package also includes some good supplementary reading: implicitly pointing out that the Year in Film also includes repertory, Eric Hynes yields the floor to most of the city’s significant programmers of old movies, while Melissa Anderson runs down the year in queer cinema. Both pieces are great, eclectic reads in a year of bulldozing consensus.