Ultimate Indie-Rock Band Challenge, The Rock Lottery, Comes to Brooklyn on Saturday

12/15/2010 4:12 PM |

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinsons game face

  • Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson’s game face

Given the amount of bands who rather be home for the holidays than on the road touring, this time of the year generally sees a bunch of oddball shows taking their place at local venues. Take, for example, this Rock Lottery thing going down Saturday at the Knitting Factory. Members of 20 chosen bands — count Les Savy Fav, Oberhofer, White Rabbits, Bear in Heaven and Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson in — show up at the Knit at 10am. They’ll yawn, rub their eyes, and rethink having gotten out of bed so early. Then, through a random lottery-based process, they’ll divide into five groups and be released into separate rehearsal spaces, tasked to form a band in a matter of 12 hours. Allow us to state the obvious: 12 hours is not a lot of time. This is like indie-rock’s version of “restaurant wars” on Top Chef, or maybe every group project in elementary school where one kid always got away with doing nothing. Or, maybe, the coolest thing ever.

Maybe they’ll argue about whether to include the word “young” in their band name (it’s very trendy nowadays), or maybe they’ll all get along swimmingly, but, in any case, they’ll need to cobble together three to five songs (there’s a one cover-song limit), learning to, you know, explore musical styles outside of what they’re accustomed to, work together, and push their creativity to new heights in the process. Come night, everyone will return to the Knit and preform for an audience. Sort of neat, yeah? Tickets for the show are only $10 and available here; proceeds go to local charity World Savvy. Sounds good to us. Full list of participants after the jump.

Alix Brown of Golden Triangle
Brad Oberhober of Oberhofer
Bradford Reed of King Missile III
Elea Logan of Adult Themes/Happy New Year
Eric Biondo of Antibalas/Beyondo/Superhuman Happiness
Greg Fox of Liturgy/Dan Deacon/GDFX
Jeff Moore of Dead Stars
Johnny Sierra of Death Set
Jon Philpot of Bear in Heaven
Jonny Ollsin of Children/Family Band
Juile Potash of Hesta Prynn/Northern State
Liam Andrew of Dinowalrus
Miles Benjamin
Nara Tiang
Pan of Suckers
Sean Adams of Your Youth/Elks
Seth Jabour of Les Savy Fav
Stephen Patterson of White Rabbits
Tanya Horo of Sherlock’s Daughter
Tlaceal Esparza of ARMS/Frances/El Topo