Well, This Is Encouraging: Cobble Hill Cinemas Owners to Run New W’Burg-Plex

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12/21/2010 10:57 AM |


Last week, noting the plans for a 6-screen, 850-seat theater coming in the second half of next year to Grand and Driggs in severely underscreened Williamsburg, I suggested that Court Street’s affordable, adorably tattered Cobble Hill Cinemas (pictured) was a good model for an independently operated first-run theater primarily serving its own neighborhood. So it’s swell news that Aaron Short’s original Brooklyn Paper article on the theater has been updated, on a couple accounts:

1. It’ll be seven screens, not six, and 900 seats total, not 850.
2. Blue Zees Real Estate, previously announced as the developer, has apparently “joined forces with the owner of the Cobble Hill Cinema” to move ahead with the project.

So, will this new Williamsburg theater also featuring a charmingly retro laser-themed pre-show reel telling us there’s no smoking allowed in the theater, and to please silence our pagers? God, I hope so.