12 Wu-Tang Ws in Strange Places

01/04/2011 8:57 AM |

Wu-Tang Clan

Since two’s a trend, and BuzzFeed recently posted two things that look like New York hip-hop supergroup Wu-Tang Clan’s logo, the moment seems ripe for a collection of Wu-Tang Ws in unexpected forms, places and media.

The continent of Australia, upside down (Wustralia, obvs).

Wu-Tang Clan Australia

An anti-smoking billboard.

Wu-Tang Clan anti-smoking ad

An unbuilt structure in Prague designed by BIG Architects.

Wu-Tang Clan building

Carved into a pumpkin.

Wu-Tang Clan pumpkin

Carved into an apple.

Wu-Tang Clan apple

A video game controller (the Nintendo Wuu?).

Wu-Tang Clan videogame controller

Wu-shaped pizza. (BuzzFeed)

Wu-Tang Clan pizza

Pizza with Wu shape made of tomatoes and red peppers.

Wu-Tang Clan pizza

Meatloaf (“Wuloaf”?).

Wu-Tang Clan meatloaf

A peperoncini.

Wu-Tang Clan pepper

Russell from Up reps the Wu. (BuzzFeed)

Wu-Tang Clan Up

Holiday cookies.

Wu-Tang Clan holiday cookies

Happy Wu Year!