Actual Non-Bar Businesses Still Exist in Williamsburg, Are Being Ruined By City’s Snowmelting Project

01/05/2011 10:54 AM |

snow melt

  • Brooklyn Rebar uses only locally sourced ice for its Lime Rickeys.

Oh cool. The city is using East Williamsburg’s bleak, blasted heath of industrial park ruin as a dumping ground for excess snow, which it is then melting with specially designed nanobots that carry tiny blowtorches between their tiny teeth. But wait! Vandervoort Avenue—where all the snow’s at—is actually a pretty busy stretch of industrial park! So this is a really bad idea.

Said Matt McKinstry to the Daily News:

It’s difficult when you’ve got 20 feet of snow and we’ve got 50 trucks coming. There are other streets here that they could block off that aren’t through truck routes.

And you know what Matt McKinstry does? Manages a place called Brooklyn Rebar. And you know what Brooklyn Rebar does? Sells actual rebar. That’s right, it’s not a bar. Nor is it a distribution point for locally brewed beer and spirits. Nor, even, is it a supply store for the modern mixologist!

And then we have Lester Weiss, co-owner of skate shop beverage manufacturer Trans-Packers: “It’s a disaster. It’s being done the wrong way… It’s definitely disruptive.”

Another actual light-industrial business!

You know what would be a cool name for a bar, though? Industrial Park. Also, Light Industry, The Manufacturing Sector, and Machine Shop.