Archers of Loaf Reunite in North Carolina. So When and Where Will the New York Shows Be?

01/18/2011 9:48 AM |

How’s that old saying go? I went to a Love Language show and an Archers of Loaf show broke out? Well, such was the case for a capacity crowd at Chapel Hill’s legendary Cat’s Cradle Club on Saturday night. The Archers, who broke up an incredibly 13 years ago, played a 12-song opening set, featuring a staggering array of would-be hits: “Harnessed in Slums,” “Audiowhore,” “The Lowest Part is Free,” “Wrong,” and, yes, “Web in Front.” As you’ll see from the videos posted above and after the jump, man, it must have sucked to be in The Love Language that night.

There are no plans for a full-scale reunion tour just yet, but given recent precedent, it seems like there’s basically no way it won’t happen. There are about a million festivals they could hit up if they so desired, of course (including one right here in Brooklyn in June), but assuming they do some regular old club gigs too, where in New York do we think they’ll play? Will it be a couple nights of Bowery/Music Hall? Maybe Webster Hall? Brooklyn Bowl? God, they can’t fill Terminal 5, can they? Maybe The Wick will be open by then? Whatever the case, if you’re not intimately familiar with their entire catalogue, well, then you have some very, very enjoyable work to do.


“Harnessed in Slums”

“The Lowest Part is Free”