Atlantic Center Crime Wave Continues, Spreads to Coney Island

01/25/2011 4:33 PM |

Stick em up!

  • Stick ’em up!

Two weeks ago, police blotter stats revealed that the area around Ratner’s Atlantic Yards project had become a hotbed of crime. It wasn’t just a fluke: this week’s stats report more crime sweeping through the area. A Target shopper had her purse snatched a week ago; four days later, a sexagenarian in Marshall’s befell a similar fate, as did a 28-year-old stroller pusher in Target that same day. More seriously, a man tried to assault sexually a woman a block east of the Atlantic Terminal, but she escaped safely.

Earlier this month, I suggested that the problem was a trickle-down effect…of crime! Against a backdrop of mass-criminality like the Atlantic Yards, of course a wave of petty crime would spring up, no? Is that a crazy idea? Where else in Brooklyn have borderline-criminal landgrabs been going on? Ummm….Coney Island? Has there been a spike in crime out there? Oh, actually, the Post reported yesterday that Coney crime has been increasing dramatically. “Last summer there were a lot of murders in Coney Island,” one store owner told the paper. “The incidents of gun violence has increased dramatically.” So much so that a Coney Island Coalition Against Violence formed and recently began distributing 1,000 anti-gun-violence posters. Is it really so surprising that more crime would burst out a neighborhood against which so much crime has been committed? Just like how abused children often grow up to abuse their own.