Best Coast Play “Boyfriend” on Fallon, Actually Sort of Kill It

01/04/2011 9:47 AM |

It’s probably about time I admit that while I continue to have all the same problems I originally had with the Best Coast album, namely that it’s about as insightful as a 12-year-old’s diary, I’ve allowed enough of its songs to infiltrate my day-to-day life that I’d be lying if I said I haven’t come to enjoy them on some admittedly surface level. Last night, the band made its television debut on Fallon, with a performance of “Boyfriend,” and they sounded great. Bethany Cosentino’s voice was as commanding as ever—having played these songs so much over the past year that she’s probably bored herself into making a few ever so slight changes to her vocal delivery, all of which make her sound a little less whiny, a little more defiant. The line “The other girl is not like me/She’s prettier and skinnier” is still infuriating, though.